lisa (_jaded_bliss_) wrote in mothertruckers,

I wrote this for you.

1.Name: Lisa
2.Birthday: April 8, 1988
3.Age: 16
4.What state do you live in?: Maryland
5.Top 10 favorite bands: Hanson, The Early November, Mae, Copeland, Fall Out Boy, Something Corporate, The Format, The Juliana Theory, My Chemical Romance, Travis
6.Top 3 favorite songs: I'm bad with song titles, the "I Ain't Missin' You" song by some dude from the 80's, "Boys of Summer" (original one by Don Henley? I think that's his name) & "Summer of '69" (again original done by Ryan Adams... or maybe his name is Bryan)
7.Favorite piece of art: Mona Lisa
8.Weird habits? Washing my clothes correctly, i.e. whites w/ whites, etc.
9.Phobias? Spiders, being home alone.
10.Ticklish? Very
11.Favorite food? Hmm... Chicken fingers w/ honey mustard!
12.Sexuality? Straight
13.Religion? Catholic
14.Sprite or 7UP? Sprite
15.Paper or plastic? plastic
16.The Beatles or Elvis? Elvis

What is your opinion on...
17.Abortion? I'm usually against it, but if someone was raped or something of that nature, I'd understand.
18.Stem cell research? For it.
19.The war? Hmm.. this war or any war? I don't like when we start butting our heads into other countries business but if another country starts it or I believe in what we're fighting for, then I'm for it.
20.Gay marriage? Whatever makes people happy.
21.The AIDS outbreak in Africa? I wish there were more we could do to stop it.
22.Premarital sex? If it's for the right reasons...

Hit on atleast one mod.
Kaycie, I hate to see you go, but I love watch you walk away. ;-)

You read the rules, right?
Michelle is a sexy mofo

Why should we accept you into our community?
Because you love me & I'd bring spice into it.

Finally, post 1-4 pictures of yourself.

I don't have a digi cam or scanner but I'm getting one for Christmas so this will have to do until then...

p.s.-I suck at drawing things on paint.
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