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I wrote this for you...

2.Birthday:March 13th
4.What state do you live in? California
5.Top 10 favorite bands:FOB, My Chemical Romance, The Used, Hanson, The Spill Canvas, Stephen Speaks, Weezer, Dashboard Confessional, The Beatles, John Mayer
6.Top 3 favorite songs:"Passenger Seat"-Stephen Speaks, "If Only"-Hanson, and then pretty much everything by The Beatles/The Spill Canvas
7.Favorite piece of art:The Assuaging of The Waters by John Martin
8.Wierd habits?It's not really wierd, but I tend to tap on things...
9.Phobias?Water and heights
10.Ticklish?Not at all. >.> <.<
11.Favorite food?Anything Italian
14.Sprite or 7UP?Either one...
15.Paper or plastic?Plastic
16.The Beatles or Elvis?The Beatles. <3 <3

What is your opinion on...
17.Abortion?I'm against it when it's used as a birth control. If something is wrong with the baby, or the mother, then I'm okay with it. Or if the girl was raped.
18.Stem cell research?Against it because it involves the experimentation on human embryos. And that's killing babies.
19.The war?I'm against it, but I support the troops.
20.Gay marriage?I'm kinda nuetral on this subject. I think that it should be between a husband and a wife, but... I dunno.
21.The AIDS outbreak in Africa?It's sad.
22.Premarital sex?Hm. Kinda same with gay marriage
Hit on atleast one mod.

MICHELLE-I wish you were a door so I could slam you all day!
You read the rules, right? Michelle is a sexy mofoooo

Why should we accept you into our community?You shouldn't.

Finally, post 1-4 pictures of yourself.

Hm. No. There's one on the userinfo of the community.
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