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I wrote this for you

2.Birthday: August 18th
3.Age: 16
4.What state do you live in? Massachusetts
5.Top 10 favorite bands: Counting Crows, Brand New, Boys Night Out, Fall Out Boy, Eisley, Dispatch, Taking Back Sunday, The Early Novemeber, mewithoutYou, & Straylight Run - but I like almost anything so this was a bit tricky I could go on for ages
6.Top 3 favorite songs: Black and Blue - Counting Crows Ill Be - Edwin McCain Breakfast at Tiffanys - Deep Blue Something
7.Favorite piece of art: my favorite famous piece - Starry Night
8.Wierd habits? I dont swear a lot, and for the past 3 years I call everyone dear and darling and they tell me I talk like their grandmothers
9.Phobias? Being alone, and Im not a big fan of spiders
10.Ticklish? Haha quite
11.Favorite food? This is a toughie, seeing as all I do is eat eat eat, but chicken!
12.Sexuality? Straight
13.Religion? Episcopalian
14.Sprite or 7UP? Im moreof a Sprite girl
15.Paper or plastic? Plastic
16.The Beatles or Elvis? The Beatles

What is your opinion on...
Im against abortion. I think that even if you are raped, there are other choices such as the E.C. which gives you 3 days, or adoption. I understand that abortion is a horrible thing, but I believe that everything should have a chance at life, and E.C. and adoption are not ruining that chance.
18.Stem cell research? When used to research and help find cures or causes for diseases Im all for it, but when people use it to alter their eggs and sperm cells to "create the perfect child" thats pushing it to an extreme, and taking advantage of it.
19.The war? I do not like war... I think that it should be a last resort. In this case I do not think it was a last resort, and if we are going to have troops over there for as long as they have been, and as long as they will be, I think that the president should make better decisions about it, and better decisions on what the money goes towards.
20.Gay marriage? Love is love, plain and simple. Anyone straight or gay should be able to marry if they are in love and want to devote themselves to one another. People who think that if it is legalized, will result in something worse, should not focus on the results, and learn to help make choices to better things for others not just themselves. Last year we were having a debate in history about it, and some girl say "God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Adam" that really made me mad, because if this issue is not church related, why do everyones points lead back to it?
21.The AIDS outbreak in Africa? To live a hard life, and then to have such a disease that spreads quickly, without a cure, is one of the worst things that can happen. I cant imagine what life over there in the villages with poverty, let alone with this disease. I wish there was a cure or some way to help...
22.Premarital sex? I do not have a problem with it if you are ready to deal with the consequences, know how to protect yourself, have a mutual agreement about the decision, are able to talk about it without feeling akward with the person you want to have sex with, and if you feel you are emotionally and physically ready, and preferably in a relationship.

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