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I wrote this for you

1. Name: Jordan
2. Birthday: 12/5/85
3. Age: 19
4. What state do you live in? Michigan
5. Top 10 favorite bands: Evanescence, Nirvana, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Aerosmith...Gosh, to be honest, I really dont listen to a lot of bands, I mostly just listen to solo artists, so if its ok, I'll continue my list with my fave singers: Gavin DeGraw, Christina Aguilera, Eric Clapton, Josh Gracin, Eminem, Kelly Clarkson,
6. Top 3 favorite songs: This is a tough one...I listen to way too much music to have favourites, but here goes...Chariot~Gavin DeGraw, Hello~Evanescence, Tourniquet~Evanescence.
7. Favorite piece of art: The album Fallen from Evanescence. Does that count? It IS a true piece of art.
8. Wierd habits? I have a fridge in my basement next to my washer and drier, so sometimes I'll go to put laundry in the drier and I'll end up going and opening the fridge for no reason. Or I put the milk in the cupboard and the cereal in the fridge. I think everyones done that at least once.
9. Phobias? Spiders and large bodies of water (including pools). And a slight fear of ghosts.
10. Ticklish? Oh gosh yes! Pretty much everywhere...well, not EVERYWHERE...sicko's lol
11. Favorite food? I've been eating everyday for the last 19 can I pick a favourite??? But if I have to...fetuccini(sp?) alfredo.
12. Sexuality? Bi
13. Religion? Athiest. I just think everything is more scientific than spiritual.
14. Sprite or 7UP? I'm all about the Sprite. 7UP just doesnt have the right flavor for me.
15. Paper or plastic? If we are talking money-wise, paper. For anything else, plastic because it lasts longer.
16. The Beatles or Elvis? Who the hell can beat The Beatles? I mean seriously!!!

What is your opinion on...
17. Abortion? Only in EXTREME cases like if its because of a rape or molestation/incest. If its your own damn fault because you were just being plain slutty, then thats your own problem, deal with it. But everyone is entitled to do what you want and since its not REALLY illegal (its not illegal still, right?) I can't stop it.
18. Stem cell research? If it hurts anyone, its bad. If it fixes something without ruining someone's life or costing TOO MUCH money, then they should do it. But im not real educated on this subject so I cant really say anything else about it.
19. The war? I dont get into politics or anything like that. To me, the war is just a game of "my country can beat up your country!". I mean, can't we just all get along? lol. But really, it's stupid, we all know its stupid, but it happens. Im just worried about friends and family getting hurt by it. To be honest, im kinda sick of everyone talking about the war.
20. Gay marriage? Whats the difference between the love of a man+woman and man+man/woman+woman? Not a damn thing. As a bi guy, I think it should be legal. They took out the word "God" in the Pledge of Alligence(sp?) to seperate church and state. So why is gay marriage illegal? THE BIBLE! Duh. I could go on for days so I should stop there...
21. The AIDS outbreak in Africa I cant say much about it because there is no way to stop it besides having every HIV/AIDS infected person stop having sex/using drugs/having kids/etc and letting them die out. I dont really have an opinion about it.
22. Premarital sex? Since im not religious/spiritual, it doesnt matter to me. You're gonna lose it some time. If you wait until youre married, you will NEVER know what having sex with someone else is like. Then you will be more likely to cheat because of curiosity.

Hit on atleast one mod. I think that would be kind of illegal. LOL. TO ALL THE MODS: Wanna make out heavily in my car??? Sorry, thats as far as I can go. :-P ha.

You read the rules, right? Michelle is a SEXY MOFO!!!!!!!! (If I get put in prison for saying that, y'all are coming with me!)

Why should we accept you into our community? Because ksiezniczka_ told me to and I'm funny, somewhat good looking, and I like to promote *big smile*.

Did you promote? Prove it. I promoted with my other username (no_quiero_saber) because I already promoted with this one yesterday and youre only alowed to promote once a week!

I edited and resized your picture...I hope thats okay! If I get accepted, I'll be sure to promote like a mofo :-)

Finally, post 1-4 pictures of yourself.

As you can tell, I dont take many colored pics and I'm sorry I look too "posed". They werent meant to be like that, but they are the only good ones of me.

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