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I wrote this for you


1.Name: Sarah
2.Birthday: June 20
3.Age: 15
4.What state do you live in? Minnesota
5.Top 10 favorite bands: *no specific order*Hawthorne Heights, Silverstein, Autopilot Off, Funeral For A Friend, From First To Last, Dead Poetic, Armor For Sleep, The Bled, Bedlight for Blueeyes and Bayside.
6.Top 3 favorite songs: Smash to Pieces - Silverstein. When Broken is Easily Fixed - Silverstein and Life On Standby - Hawthorne Heights.
7.Favorite piece of art: This picture my friend drew for me that was an anime picture. It was really good.
8.Wierd habits? I bite my lip and suck on my tongue.
9.Phobias? Heights and knives.
10.Ticklish? VERY
11.Favorite food? Frenchfries and this weird wrap thing. First you get a soft shell tacoshell thingy then put peanut butter on it and then put sugar on top of that, then roll it up. It sounds good.
12.Sexuality? Bi
13.Religion? Wicca/witchcraft.
14.Sprite or 7UP? hmm, they both taste the same to me. But I've always like Sprite better, oddly enough.
15.Paper or plastic? Plastic, paper gets a squishy and gross when it gets wet.
16.The Beatles or Elvis? Eesh, neither.

What is your opinion on...
I think the governmental males should not be able to tell us we can't have an abortion. There are so many factors to consider and one law can't satisfy any.
18.Stem cell research? I think it's okay for looking for disease cures.
19.The war? I think it's stupid. But I support our troops.
20.Gay marriage? Totally for it, of course. Marriage is about love, not male/female relationships.
21.The AIDS outbreak in Africa? I think it's horrible, but we can't give money we don't have to Africa, because where are we getting it from?
22.Premarital sex? I dunno, I'm not totally against it. I've done it. People experiment, you can't condemn someone for it.

Hit on atleast one mod. How can I choose just one when they're all so sexifiedly gorgeous?

You read the rules, right? Of course, Michelle is a sexy mofo!

Why should we accept you into our community? Because I'm hella cool and I know you want to!

Finally, post 1-4 pictures of yourself.

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